Seven Artists Who Fuel My Fire / by Tyler Voorhees

As an artist, I am particularly invested in inspiration. It is the fuel that feeds my productive fire, the food that fills my creative belly and the spark that ignites my passion to paint. To continue to grow as an artist, I must keep my tank of inspiration full so that I can always push the boundaries of my abilities without running out of gas or ideas. I fill this by visiting museums and galleries, following my favorite artists on Instagram or perusing my fellow artists' tents at art festivals.

With the festival season drawing to a close, I thought I would share a list of seven artists, both past and present, that have been big sources of inspiration for me.

[  O N E  ]  Dolan Geiman   |   |
I first met Dolan while doing a show in Park City and his work immediately made my jaw drop. Using thousands of hand cut bits of paper and metal, he creates two and three-dimensional work that has the feel of an abandoned building full of rich stories. I am continually amazed at his creative output and clean execution.

Dolan Geiman with "Black Swan Mixed Media Sculpture"

Dolan Geiman with "Black Swan Mixed Media Sculpture"

[  T W O  ]  David Santiago   |   |
I only recently met Mr. Santiago, but his work is already influencing mine. Both his treatment of the female form and use of exposed wood grain have inspired me to experiment with new surfaces. He is a true gentleman and a creative personality that I'm excited to continue to follow.

David Santiago with "Snow"

David Santiago with "Snow"

[  T H R E E  ]  Basik   |   |
I came across the mural below on Instagram ("St. Anthony Seduced by the Infinite") by an Italian artist named Basik and was simply awestruck by its powerful imagery and reinterpretation of an old story. Basik is a street and studio artist whose work has an impactful narrative and eye-catching design. I discovered that he also has an interest in history, and a collaboration could be in the future.

Basik's "St. Anthony Seduced by the Infinite"

[  F O U R  ]  Salvador Dali   | 
The painting below, "The Temptation of St. Anthony", was one of the first works of art that caught my eye as a young and impressionable lad. Dali painted it in 1946 and it features many aspects of his trademark surreal style. The long-limbed animals lumbering through the desert landscape have stuck with me over the years. Someday I will to travel to Brussels, Belgium and see this painting in person.

Dali's "The Temptation of St. Anthony"

[  F I V E  ]  Tim Burton   |
This genius has inspired many storytellers over the years and I count myself among that group. His highly stylized characters and the clever narrative they help bring to life are inspiring and delightful.

Untitled (Ramone) by Tim Burton

[  S I X  ]  Alberto Giacometti   |
Something about Giacometti's long-limbed figures have always captured my attention. They are full of life and seem to carry an unknown weight on their slumped shoulders. This Swiss artist's sculptures have always been a big source of inspiration for my work.

Alberto Giacometti with some of his sculptures

[  S E V E N  ]  Gib Singleton   |
On a recent visit to Santa Fe, I was incredibly moved by the power and weight of Gib Singleton's depiction of The Stations of Cross. I had never seen such emotion captured by a sculptor and his entire portfolio has the same power to it. Gib recently passed, but his work continues to inspire artists, particularly those who love stories and history like me.

Gib Singleton's "Pony Express"

Gib Singleton's "Pony Express"

That's my ever-evolving list of inspirational artists. Be inspired! And stay tuned for more inspired artwork from yours truly.

Tyler Voorhees   |   |

"The war tuba" by me