Artist Statement

We tell stories to explain, entertain and complain. Stories define us and they destroy us. But above all, stories transform us.

In my work, I celebrate the rich tradition of storytelling by creating lanky figures that spin a yarn to transform and transport the viewer. I collect stories with my paintings, whether cataloguing the history of the worker with The Jobs of Yesteryear or exploring my own narrative with Tall Tales. These stories have changed me somehow and, as an artist, I must paint them.

Inspired by the raconteurs that have come before me, I create fictional characters and ground them in nonfiction, whether it be history or my own experiences. There is a certain tension between the characters and the story they find themselves in, and it is this drama that reshapes the perspective of the viewer.

My techniques vary and I am continuously experimenting in the studio, but I always seem to come back to working with acrylics and collaged paper. Acrylics are fast and forgiving, and I enjoy the flexibility that they offer, whether I'm throwing splatters on the panel or spraying water onto an area to make it drip. Collaged paper allows me to play with dimension and achieve the clean lines that I envision, drawing the viewer into the narrative of the character more effectively.

Overall, my mission is to offer a contemporary and refreshing twist on the stories I encounter in my journey as an artist. Through my work, I gather, reimagine and preserve the rich tales of our collective narrative, offering a fresh look at the stories that transform us all.