Inside The Scamp Life / by Tyler Voorhees

Two months ago, Ashley, Ivan and I took the big leap and moved out of our home in Boulder to begin our new life selling art on the road. Since then, we've visited nearly 20 states, driven almost 7,000 miles and put over 200 pieces of art on folks' walls. Booyah!

But the relative success of our new venture pales in comparison to the renewed sense of vigor and vibrancy in our daily lives. We are captains of our own ship and make decisions with our little family unit's best interests in mind. We spend every day together and get to discover new adventures as we trek across these states we call America. It is a good life.

A large portion of our comfort on the road comes from the amazing cheese curd-shaped vessel we purchased last November and affectionately call The Scamp. The Scamp serves as our new home, office, art studio and Ivan's mobile play fort. It is a wonderful little egg and I thought I would give you glimpse into this captivating compact camper.

Meals outside are a real treat and a handy little grill is a must for The Scamp Life. This was taken at a nice little riverside campground in boisterous Boise, Idaho. Grab a plate!

Upon entering The Scamp, you are greeted by my favorite way to say hello and a word I often use to make new friends on the road.

After noticing the Howdy sign, you might be taken aback by our spacious kitchen, which is complete with a fridge, a two-burner propane stovetop and an elegant sink. The custom wire baskets add some vital storage for spices and utensils.

The master bedroom is next to the kitchen and features a comfortable double bed enhanced with an egg carton foam pad for luxurious sleep. The bed also folds up into a dining table when eating outside just isn't going to happen. Bonus!

Underneath the master bed is our garage/studio where we keep our hiking backpack, stroller, Ivan's toys and my studio bin.

Packed inside this little valuable bin are the bare necessities for making art: paintbrushes, a jar for water, cloth for wiping, compact easel, palette, hatchet and, of course, paint. I didn't have room for my fancy artist beret.

The bathroom is just across the hall from the garage/studio and has plenty of space for our toiletries and shower baskets, as well as a little stepping stool for shorter-legged folk.

Above the bathroom are Ivan's bedroom and our dressers. We live out of totes and it is the only way to stay organized. After our first night in the Scamp, we put up a net so that Ivan wouldn't roll out of his bed at three in the morning. That definitely helped everyone sleep better.

Ivan's "Kitty Buddy" keeps him company in his little sleeping cove.

Ashley's sister, Jen, who passed away in December, is with us wherever we go as inspiration to take chances because life's too short, and also serves as a nifty reminder of where the fire extinguisher is.

This little chipmunk, given to me by a former student, reminds us of where the journey began and reminds me of my role as a teacher.

I find time here and there to put brushes to canvas and have completed nearly three paintings so far this summer. Typically, I get up around 5:30am and paint until the family wakes up.

The Scamp has allowed us to live the dream on the road and make our life as art-carnies quite enjoyable. She's a beautiful little camper and I hope you've enjoyed a glimpse inside her magical chambers. You can take a look back at our adventures at #scamplife on your social media of choice.

Stay tuned...