The Jobs Project celebrates and honors the world’s workers through public murals. By creating these murals around the world, I aspire to tell the unique stories of each community’s jobs and how they’ve helped shape their cities, towns, and villages.

Work can feel small and insignificant at times, but I don’t see it that way; I see every job as serving an important purpose in the greater good. By creating large-scale murals depicting these jobs with my distinctly long-limbed figures, I hope to make these workers feel larger than life and highlight the important roles that they serve in their community.

It’s a small gesture presented in a large way to say “Thank You”.



South haven, michigan

Partnering with students, teachers, and the local mural organization, SH-AMP (South Haven Area Mural Project), I’m painting a sprawling 50 ft. Jobs Project Mural in Baseline Middle School. It is currently in progress!


Tetouan, Morocco

The official worldwide launch of The Jobs Project begins in Tetouan, Morocco in January 2019. During my time there, I’ll be creating a mural depicting the local craftsman, which may be the last of their generation.



Contact me about the possibility of coming to your area to create a mural to honor your history of jobs and work. Anywhere in the world will be considered.